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What to do and where to go?

  • Tour Guides

Remember that the best way to explore the island and its history is an “certified guide” who would deliver the best care and information about the island, based on respect for culture and heritage care. Don’t forget that it is forbidden to touch the statues and climb the ceremonial platforms “ahu”.

  • Rent-a car / motorcycle / bicycle:

Consult us for a preferential price.


  • Museum

Father Sebastian Englert Museum is a museum showing carved Rongo Rongo tablets, female Moai and Moai eye found in 1978 at Anakena. You will enjoy a nice place with the necessary information to understand the history of the island.

Ask for exhibitions in other rooms.

Schedule: Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30. Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 12:30. Closed on Mondays. No fees


  • Restaurants


  • Tataku Vave

Hanga Piko Bay . Ceviche, lobster, Rarape.


  • Kanahau

Good restaurant located on the main street offering salads, ceviche and good natural juices. U$ 30 aprox.

  • Kuky Varua

Located in front of the soccer field. Here you can find good promotions and good lunch. You can enjoy watching the sea on the terrace of the restaurant.


  • Te Moana

Good restaurant located overlooking the sea on one side of Hanga Roa Bay.  U$ 30 aprox.

  • Note: 

    As a cheaper alternative, but equally good, the “carritos” are in front Pea beach. There you will find ceviche, empanadas, dishes prepared with local fish, meat and chicken and the best natural juices. Tuna and Cheese Empanadas U$7, tuna ceviche U$20, natural juices from U$5 and big sandwich from U$ 9.

  • Tía Sonia: Good menus for USD12.
  • Hitu: Located on the main street. Variety of plates and daily menus for USD12.


  • Coffes and ice cream stores


  • Mikafe

Hanga Roa Bay. Ideal for a coffee or a delicious ice cream made with local fruit .Prices: Ice cream from:U$4 


  • Savory

On the main street. In this place you can have an ice cream prepared with different flavors.


  • Caramelo

Rich pastry and coffee shop located in Atamu Tekena, the main street.

  • Traditional Dance Show


  • Te Ra´ai

Ethnic Restaurant offering a nice 3 hours experience, enjoying the typical food of Rapa Nui plus 1 hour show of traditional dancing performing Haha Varua group. It also includes transfer, dance classes and body painting. Must book in advance. Value: U$100 with diner. Only dance show U$40


  • Maori Tupuna

Located oceanfront, before the cemetery, you can enjoy a full show of typical dance. Price: U$ 30 approx.

  • KariKari

Great career have this dance group showing typical dances and Polynesians instruments. Price: U$ 30 approx.

    • At night:

  • Tao´a: Ex Piriti: Discotheque, located on the Hotu Matua street, near the airport.
  • Piroto: Bar with karaoke located in front of Mataveri Airport.



  • Tattoos

Mokomae: Atamu Tekena s / n. If you want a typical tattoo or take pictures with your body painted with Rapa Nui styles do not hesitate to visit this place.

  • Security

In general the island is known for being a very safe place, away from the assaults and robberies that look elsewhere. So just bring a flashlight if you want to walk around the streets of Hanga Roa at night and use extreme caution when handling with horses and cows roam freely and may cross paths.


• Mike Rapu: Located in Hanga Roa Bay . Diving lessons from U$80.

• Orca: Located in Hanga Roa Bay. Diving lesson from U$80.

• Atariki: Located in Hanga Piko Bay.

• Tortuga: Located in Hanga Piko Bay. Rates per person: $ 40,000 and includes theoretical lessons, practices, equipment and photos.

Books and dictionaries

• Discovering Easter Island: Interesting book written in English, Spanish and French with very good information about the island and great pictures. Value U$30. We suggest hiring a guide before reading the book for further and more complete information tour.

• In the souvenir shops is possible to find many books about the island.

Crafts (Moai, ao, necklaces, etc)

• Handcraft Market

• Mahatu Rapanui

• Tau Kiani: T-SHIRTS, Polynesian style, local cd music and sarongs.

• During the tours you can also find craft stands with very good prices like in Rano Raraku, Anakena and Tahai.

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Make your trip an unforgettable experience

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