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What can I bring?

  • Food

From Santiago travelling to Easter Island there are no restrictions on food,so if you want  to cook you can take meat, sausages, milk, fruits and vegetables. Just keep in mind the amount of kilos that you are allow to carry.  Its 46 kilos per person and infants 23 kilos.

If you take typical fruit of the island back to Santiago you have to declare in the  SAG office for their respective inspection one day before the flight.


  • Remember

Do not forget to bring flashlights because if you want to walk at night in Hanga Roa, in some streets it is necessary.


  • Sunscreen, hat and raincoat.

On the island the weather can change very quickly in a day so do not forget to put in your suitcase these products that will be very useful during your trip.

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Make your trip an unforgettable experience

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