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Trekking to the caves

This tour includes the visit to the 2 most interesting caves on the island. You will go in their inner tunnels and also feel the thrill of walking underground.

The first cave to visit is “The two windows cave” or “Ana Kakenga”. Its unique lava tunnel takes you to the end of the cave finding the two windows looking at sea. You must enter crouched and using flashlight to find the way. For that, the guide we will be always with you carrying lantern and special helmets for your protection.

Finally we will go to “Ana Te Pahu” or “The Bananas Cave “. In this visit you will enter the cave and get through underground tunnels that were occupied by Rapa Nui families in the past as a refuge in times of war and during the visit of the first foreign visitors. Here you will see many banana trees, vines, taro and avocados trees that were part of the diet of the natives.

If you keep walking you’ll find out over 100 feet from where you left. It is a unique and extreme experience that will make you quiver.

Enjoy each of the activities you can do in Rapa Nui.

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