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Basic Information

  • Weather and Temperature


The island has a subtropical climate; fuses winters with cool nights without frost.

Easter Island with with Sala y Gómez Island are the only places in Chile with a tropical climate, thermal regime shows the full extent of the oceanic influence prevails: both scarce daily thermal oscillations as an annual. Rainfall, meanwhile, are distributed regularly throughout the year; these convective origin, particularly in the summer season; although during the winter, the presence of some low pressure systems brings rainfall frontal origin. The annual temperature average is 20.5 ° C reaching a maximum of 23.7 ° C in February and the minimum of 18.0 ° C in August.


  • Time Zone

Easter Island has 2 hours less in relation to continental Chile. Take care to change the time when get to Rapa Nui.

  • Currency

The local currency of Easter Island is the Chilean pesos, dollars and euros are also accepted.

  • Internet connection

  • Rapa Nui has 3G and Free WI-FI in Plaza Tekena Toro and Centro Cultural Tongariki.
  • Omotohi: Open Monday to Sunday. Not only has internet but telephones, printing and selling electronic items like cell phones, batteries, headsets, coffe, etc. Internet time is $ 1,500 an hour and a call to Santiago is also cheap.


  • Hare PC: Atamu Tekena s / n. Internet, selling electronic goods and coffee.

  • Communications

The island receives three FM radio stations from Santiago:

  • Radio DNA (88.3 MHz)
  • Top 40 (104.3 MHz)
  • A Religious Radio: Radio Nuevo Tiempo (107.3 MHz)


It also has a local radio:

  • 88.9 – Radio Manukena


Three television channels are received and one local channel:

  • Channel 7: National Television of Chile
  • Channel 9: La red
  • Channel 11: Chilevisión
  • Channel 13: Mata o te Rapa Nui (local channel)


  • Cell Phone services

The only mobile company present on the island is Entel, whose coverage is limited only to the area of ​​Hanga Roa, so leaving the village, and the beaches of Anakena or Ovahe not have signal. The company maintains national roaming agreements with the other two Chilean operators, and international roaming with most operators.

  • Flights:

Since 1967 only Lan Airlines reaches the island. Today Lan has over 10 weekly flights from Santiago. Only Monday there is a flight leaving from Easter Island to Papeete (Tahiti) returning on Tuesday to go directly to Santiago.

  • Taxis

To explore the town of Hanga Roa we have taxis that charge $ 1500 or $ 2000 per segment. To go to Anakena they charge $ 20,000 or USD30 round trip.


  • Rapa Nui Traditional Mass

Every Sunday at 9 am, takes place in the Holy Cross Church a traditional Mass in Spanish with songs Rapa Nui and Tahiti. Should not be missed, as it is very exciting and joyful. If you do, do not worry because at 11 am there is another mass, but not as typical as 9am.


  • Post

In the Post office, you can send postcards and stamp your passport with a stamp of the island.

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Make your trip an unforgettable experience

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